2016 Reads

2016 may have been a crummy year in a number of ways but it was pretty productive in terms of reading. I'm happily shocked that I was able to plow through over 100 books! Here is a review of my reading this year. Nearly 30,000 pages were read-about half fiction and half non-fiction, whereas last … Continue reading 2016 Reads



This is one of those books that so many people must have read in high school, so many people that were not me of course. For I lived in the best of all possible worlds, at the time, wherein I spent my days and nights doing far more enjoyable things than reading a bit of literature … Continue reading Candide

You Are Not So Smart and You are now Less Dumb

David McRaney's blog You Are Not So Smart, which chronicled his interest in cognitive and social psychology, became a best selling book by the same name. As he continued in his obsession he produced an excellent podcast with production quality comparable to Freakonomics and This American Life. In 2013 he released another book with covering … Continue reading You Are Not So Smart and You are now Less Dumb