Here is a review of my reading this year.

It has been quite a year indeed. 35 books (about 9200 pages) down and million more to go (the page count does not include the appendices and bibliographies).  This year I set out mostly to cover a lot of ground in Mormon history literature. Outside of that I did not have clear goals or criteria for book selection other than the list of books I was interested in. As I looked through my selections I found some interesting patterns.

Here is the spreadsheet I made collecting the pertinent data regarding the 2015 book-list.

I clearly have a Mormon history/doctrine love/addiction as that genre occupied 66% percent of my book space in 2015. I also have a non-fiction issue, with only 3 of the 35 being fictional.

Inspired by a recent Vox article I decided to look a bit beyond numbers of pages and genre selection in my reading to see just how broad my reading experience has been.

I was happy to see that many of the authors/editors were women (42% to be precise) because I think it is important to view the world through multiple lenses. We don’t know what our blind spots are until we look from outside our own worldview. It isn’t that men can’t write good history or tell good stories but rather the reality that all people are limited by their own bias and experience (white males like myself may suffer from this blindness more than others due to our privileged position in society).

I was not surprised, but also not happy, to see that while I did read some works that focused on the important topic of race I only read books written by authors that are white. This will be rectified.

Looks like I need to branch out a bit for my own sanity and edification.

I’ve collected many books over time and especially over the holidays so I’ve got my work cut out for me. Here is a pile (there are others) of books that I really want to read. It is less than 35, so that is good, but it also is light on fiction and in need of author diversification.

Oh what troubles and travails I must bear!

To read pile




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