Mostly book reviews or just random thoughts of my own.

“No More Meetings” represents my nature and my disdain for wasted time in meetings (whether at work, church, or social gatherings that just make introverted folks like myself uncomfortable). Meetings often have an agenda, which implies some degree of control imposed on me from someone else. This aspect of control from an outside source just makes me a little itchy. If it were up to me I’d find entertaining and useful ways to spend my time (like reading books and writing reviews about them ;-)). The problem is the outside world disagrees with this approach. So, like my introverted compatriots, I will participate in the outside world, unwillingly, but when I can I’ll come here to do what I want to do and express my thoughts in a way that fits me. Here’s to hoping that one day the world comes around to those that do not thrive in meetings and we will have to endure less of them. It would really be a better place.


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